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In Full Bloom Wedding + Printables

Nov 22 2011

Floral Clip Art Wedding Invitations

Invite guests to your wedding with floral arrangements — in the form of invitations (our clip art comes with save-the-dates, invites, reply cards, and escort cards).

For the save-the-date, use an A9 envelope. For the invitation and reception card, use A2 (get the envelope liner how-to and clip art). For the reception card, use 4 bar. (A9, 5 1/4 by 8 3/4 inch, ; A2, 4 3/8 by 5 1/4 inch; and 4 bar, 3 5/8 by 5 1/8 inch, all in superfine soft white.

Edit the templates with your information, then print onto cover-stock paper. Cut between the crop marks with a craft knife and a metal ruler (do not cut all the way to the edges of the paper; this will leave the crop marks intact for subsequent cuts). 

The names on the invitations and the reply-by date on the RSVP cards will have to be filled out by hand — either write in the information yourself or send to a calligrapher.

Rose Invitation PDF
Rose Reception Card PDF
Rose RSVP Card PDF
Rose Save-the-Date Card PDF

Tulip Invitation PDF
Tulip Reception Card PDF
Tulip RSVP Card PDF
Tulip Save-the-Date Card PDF

Ranunculus Invitation PDF
Ranunculus Reception Card PDF
Ranunculus RSVP Card PDF
Ranunculus Save-the-Date Card PDF

For Noneditable Place Cards
Print each table number onto perforated and precreased place-card paper; flip the paper, and print the flower design onto the other side, positioned so the flower will be on the front. Write names on the front of the cards yourself, or send them to your calligrapher. Fold along the crease marks to create tented cards.

Rose Place Cards PDF
Tulip Place Cards PDF
Ranunculus Place Cards PDF


Candle Wedding Centerpieces

Print clip art onto standard-weight 11-by-17-inch paper (if your printer does not handle this size, copy the clip art onto a disc or thumb drive, and take it to a copy shop or office-supply store with a printing department). 

Then, cut the templates to fit various heights of square candleholders or vases (to shorten the wrapper, cut away excess from bottom by the stem). Wrap around candleholders, and secure with double-sided tape. 

To finish the bottoms, wrap green grosgrain ribbon around the candleholder, and secure with double- sided tape.

Rose Centerpiece PDF
Tulip Centerpiece PDF
Ranunculus Centerpiece PDF

Flower Girl Shoes with Flowers

We provided clip art for two different-size flowers: one large and one small for both the ranunculus and rose designs. Choose one size, then print the sheet of flower templates onto 8 1/2-by-11-inch iron-on transfer paper, one copy for each shoe. Iron each sheet onto white cotton organdy. You will be left with six flower shapes — three for each shoe. Cut out each flower with scissors, leaving no white space. Each flower that you cut should be a little bit smaller than the last. Stack them on top of each other, and stitch through the middle to secure. Attach flowers to shoes with paper clips.

Turn our designs into fabric by printing them onto iron-on transfer paper or sending them away to be made into cloth. All you need for these shoe clips is a little creativity. Iron transfers onto cotton organdy, cut out, stack, and sew through the center. Fluff to create dimension.

Rose Flower Girl Shoe Clip PDF
Ranunculus Flower Girl Shoe Clip PDF

DIY Floral Ring Pillow

Sew a flower to a pillow, then add ribbon to the center.

Print three sheets of flower templates onto 8 1/2-by-11-inch iron-on transfer paper, then iron each one onto white cotton organdy to create a rose or ranunculus ring pillow. You will be left with six flower shapes. 

Cut out each flower with scissors, leaving no white space. Each flower that you cut should be a little bit smaller than the last, and organic in shape. Stack them on top of each other, and stitch through the middle to secure.

Stitch flower to your ring pillow, and sew a ribbon on top.

Rose Ring Pillow PDF
Ranunculus Ring Pillow PDF

Floral Bow Tie and Cufflinks for the Groomsmen

Give groomsmen custom bow ties and fabric-covered cuff links

There are two templates: large and small. Use either size, depending on the size of the cuff links and/or buttons you want to make.

Tools and Materials

Large Rose Cufflinks PDF
Small Rose Cufflinks PDF
Ranunculus Cufflinks PDF
Covered-button kits, 

Cuff Link How-To
1. Print clip art on 8 1/2-by-11-inch iron-on transfer paper. 

2. Cut out each flower, cutting close to the edge of the image; iron onto white cotton organdy. 

3. Cut out circles in the size specified by your covered-button kit, centering the flowers, and assemble the covered button or cuff link according to the kit’s directions.

Flower Girl Apron

Determine the final height and width you would like for your apron to fit your particular flower girl. Add 1 1/2 inches to the height (for a 1-inch hem at the bottom and a 1/2-inch seam allowance at the top); double the width. Hem the sides, using a 1/2-inch or smaller hem, and then hem the bottom.

Measure your flower girl’s waist, then add 36 inches (for 18-inch ties). Cut two lengths of 1-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon to that dimension. Use straight pins to mark the final apron width, centered, on one of the ribbons. 

Sew a long gathering stitch in the top edge of the apron, and gather the apron so that it is as wide as the final dimension (hold it against the ribbon to check). Then pin it on top of the ribbon, centering the raw edge (you’ll have a 1/2-inch seam allowance between the raw edge of the apron and the bottom edge of the ribbon). Distribute the gathers evenly. Pin in place, then sew down the center of the seam allowance. Pin the second ribbon over the first, and stitch them together along top and bottom edges. Hem ends and bottom.

Or download our larger version of the clip art, and print onto iron-on transfer paper. Cut out, cutting close to images, then iron the images onto an existing child-size apron.

Ranunculus Apron PDF

Paper Wreaths

For these wreaths, print design onto card stock, and cut out with scissors. Make a slit at the top of wreath with a craft knife, then slip ribbon through, and tie.

Read more at Wedding Templates & Clip Art – Martha Stewart Weddings 

Print all three pages of the clip art onto a piece of 11-by-17-inch card stock (if your printer does not handle this size, copy the clip art onto a disc or thumb drive, and take it to a copy shop or office-supply store with a printing department). 

Use the blank oval on the third page as a template to cut the “Mr.” and “Mrs.” wreaths into ovals with scissors using long, smooth strokes. On each wreath, make a slit at the slit mark with a craft knife and a metal ruler, then slip a 1-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon through, and tie around the chair. 

Note: If you want a different wording for your wreaths, print out a blank template, and have your calligrapher add words to the center.

Rose Wreath PDF
Tulip Wreath PDF
Ranunculus Wreath PDF


Chocolate Medallions with Flowers

Bring the garden to the dessert table — no planting required! Simply send our images to a company that creates personalized confections, and let them do the heavy lifting for you.

Printed Sugar Cookies

Partygoers will without a doubt “enjoy!” these sugar cookies.

Hard-Candy Lollipops with Flowers

Hard-candy lollipops are as charming as a single long-stemmed flower — and just as pretty

Petit Fours with Flowers

These petits fours are as dainty and lovely as the blossoms printed on them.

Ranunculus Lollipop PDF
Ranunculus Cookie PDF
Ranunculus Petit Four PDF
Ranunculus Chocolate PDF 1
Ranunculus Chocolate PDF 2
Ranunculus Chocolate PDF 3
Ranunculus Chocolate PDF 4
Ranunculus Chocolate PDF 5
Ranunculus Chocolate PDF 6
Ranunculus Chocolate PDF 7
Ranunculus Chocolate PDF 8

Floral Wedding Favor Bags

Favor bags are filled with jelly beans and finished with stick-on labels.

There are two clip-art options:

1. The template without the crop marks is presized to fit data-label sticker paper. Just print, peel, and stick onto glassine bags.

2. The template with crop marks is meant for use with regular 8 1/2-by-11-inch sticker paper. Print, and cut between the crop marks using a craft knife and a metal ruler (do not cut all the way to the edges of the paper; this will leave the crop marks intact for subsequent cuts). Peel off backing, and stick onto glassine bags.

Or, print on standard copy paper and adhere with double-sided tape. 

Rose Stickers PDF
Tulip Stickers PDF
Ranunculus Stickers PDF

Cupcake Tray Liner

A cupcake tray is even sweeter with a paper liner bursting with blossoms.

Print clip art onto 11-by-17-inch paper (or larger depending on the size of your tray).

If your printer does not handle these sizes, copy the clip art onto a disc or thumb drive, and take it to a copy shop or office-supply store with a printing department.

Cut to fit the tray with a utility knife. Secure with double-sided tape if needed.

Tulip Tray Liner PDF
Rose Tray Liner PDF
Ranunculus Tray Liner PDF

Wedding Cake Stand

Transform a simple three-tier white cake into a showstopper with paper garlands. Assemble the faux-floral trimming by attaching strips of clip-art flowers with royal icing to the tiers — overlap the pieces to create dimension — and place a single bud at each point. Coordinating seersucker ribbon and a simple calligraphy monogram bring it all together.

Download our PDF files for the ranunculus cake swag, and print clip art onto 8 1/2-by-11-inch cover-weight paper (send the monogram wreath to a calligrapher to monogram, or initial it yourself).

Ranunculus Cake Swag PDF 1
Ranunculus Cake Swag PDF 2
Ranunculus Cake Swag PDF 3
Ranunculus Cake Swag PDF 4

Cut out each swag and flower with scissors, leaving a bit of white space around the edges so shadows show. Apply a dot of royal icing to the ends of short swags, and attach the swags to the top and bottom tiers of a three-tiered cake. 

Then, use a dot of royal icing to attach ends of longer swags to the ends of shorter swags. With royal icing, apply a single rosette to each point where the two swags meet. Cut out wreath with scissors, leaving a bit of white space around the edges. Wrap the middle tier with striped grosgrain ribbon, overlapping the ends in front; attach to cake and to each other with royal icing. 

Attach the monogram wreath with royal icing where the ribbon overlaps.

photos © marthasteward


DiY: More Wedding Favor Packaging

Nov 22 2011


Heart Wrap

Stylishly wrapped chocolate favors are perfect for your big day. To make the packaging, cut scrapbooking paper into a 1 1/2-inch-by-6-inch strips. At the center of each, cut out a half heart (see our template) using a craft knife. Then, wrap around a stack of three chocolate tasting squares, secure with double-sided tape, and fold back the heart.

Sweet Sensations How-To
To cut the paper:
Use a paper cutter or the craft knife and straightedge to cut the 12-by-12-inch paper in half vertically, and then crosswise into 1 1/2-inch strips.

To make:
Print out our template, and cut out. (We’ve given you a few extra templates, so you will have spares if the one you are using becomes misshapen or worn.)

Lay the template on top of a paper strip. Align the metal straightedge along the dotted lines (both those at fold marks and the one at the center of the heart), and score with a bone folder, pressing hard to score the paper below. Use the craft knife to cut out the half-heart shape along the solid line.

Wrap paper strip around stack of chocolates, folding at score lines and securing underneath with double-sided tape. Stack assembled favors carefully so the cut edges of the hearts do not catch and tear.

When favors are set out, fold half heart back along scored line, and position to point straight up.

Favor Cones

Our horns of plenty were made using crepe paper (for the liner) and card stock (for the outer cone) printed with a quarter-circle design.

Printable Directions
Cone in Black
Cone in Color

Lace Bags and Crackers

Send guests on their merry way with these inspired goodbye gifts that use our pretty lace clip art.

Favor Bags
Stuff cotton candy into white favor bags folded into a bold new shape and imprinted with an intricate lacy pattern.

Get the Favor Bag Clip Art

1.Print design on a white paper bag by running bag directly through printer, bottom first. We used a 4 3/4” x 6 3/4” glassine-lined bag.
2.Fill bag with cotton candy or other treats.
3.Open bag and bring sides together so creases match. Fold top down twice, creasing firmly.
4.Using a 1/8” craft punch, punch a hole in the center of the bag directly below the fold.
5.Run 18” of ribbon (we used organdy ribbon) through hole, and tie bag shut.

We used:
-White 1/4-lb. “Gourmet” paper bag (#11-810-1),
-36mm crystal organdy ribbon (SIC136) in color 50, Shindo, 212-868-9311.

Round Gift Tags
Our hand-punched round gift tags give small favors an abstract touch.

Get the Gift Tag Clip Art

  1. Print design on cover-weight paper.
  2. Punch out circles using a 2.5” circle craft punch, positioning craft punch upside down so you can see the design through the hole as you punch; each tag should have some white space for writing.
  3. Punch a hole in the top of the tag using a 1/8” circle punch.
  4. Thread ribbon through hole and attach to favor box.

We used:
-Off-white 15mm silk double-faced satin ribbon (#02325), M&J Trimming [].
-Clever Lever 2.5” mega circle punch (#83970676), from Create for Less [].
-20” x 26” flat gold tissue paper, Jam Paper [].
-“Classic Crest” 130-lb. cover paper in natural white (P_L13102),

Favor Crackers
For the cracker favors shown here, we filled a number of clear acetate tubes with assorted candy, wrapped them in gold tissue paper, and topped them off with our clip art.

Get the Favor Cracker Clip Art

  1. Fill a 4 1/2” x 1 5/8” clear-acetate tube with candies of your choosing.
  2. Trim a sheet of gold tissue paper to approximately 8” x 10”. Wrap it around the plastic tube, and secure with tape. Twist the ends of the tissue paper tightly closed.
  3. Print lace clip-art design on 8 1/2” x 11” vellum. Cut at crop marks using a metal straight edge and craft knife (don’t cut all the way to the paper’s edge; this will leave the crop marks intact for each subsequent cut). Each sheet will yield two cracker wrappers.
  4. Wrap lace clip-art around tube and secure with double-sided tape.

Paper Dahlia Favor Packaging

For these eye-catching favor pouches, we used bright tissue paper to create a pattern that mimics that bold beauty, then tied on a tag bearing planting instructions, and verdant ribbon to pose as leaves. At home, guests will peel back the petals to reveal a dormant dahlia bulb brimming with potential and just waiting to take root.

It may not be dahlia season just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel this flower’s intense color and festive attitude here and now. For these eye-catching favor pouches, we used bright tissue paper to create a pattern that mimics that bold beauty, then tied on a tag bearing planting instructions, and verdant ribbon to pose as leaves. At home, guests will peel back the petals to reveal a dormant dahlia bulb brimming with potential and just waiting to take root.

You will need:

Dahlia bulbs, Swan Island Dahlias

Tissue paper (we used colored tissue paper in azalea(CT1AP), $11.95 for 480 sheets)

String or heavy thread


To wrap the bulb, stack two pieces of tissue paper and fold them in half side to side, then top to bottom.

Download the PDF of our dahlia template, and print onto standard printer paper. Cut out template; then lay on top of folded tissue paper, aligning straight edges of template with the two folded edges of the tissue paper. Trace lightly around the template, and then cut on the line to create a tissue-paper dahlia. Open tissue paper and rotate top sheet slightly so the petal tips are staggered.


Wrap the bulb in another layer of tissue paper, and place it in the center of the tissue-paper dahlia. Wrap the tissue-paper dahlia around the bulb, drawing the sides up and to the center; secure with string (leave ends long for now).

To make the tags, download the PDFs of both the initials tagand the planting-instructions tag.

For the initials tag, type in your first initials and wedding date. Print onto 8 1/2-by-11-inch card stock.


For the planting-instructions tag, print onto card stock.

Using a 1 1/2-inch circle craft punch, punch out each tag. (Turn the craft punch upside down, so you can see the positioning of the design in the hole of the punch.)

Place an initials tag on top of an instructions tag, and use a small hole punch to make a hole through the top center of both tags.

Thread string through the holes and tie; trim ends.

Wrap a pretty ribbon around to cover up the string, and tie.

Crepe-Paper Cracker

Create a treat-filled crepe-paper cracker in a few quick steps

Send guests home with snacks and sweets in eye-catching wrappings. Create a pistachio-filled crepe paper cracker or a lollipop posy in a few quick steps. Other cute ideas: a dragee-stuffed envelope made from floral paper and sealed with a monogram, and a stamped box, with a ribbon pull, containing hard candies.

How to Make It
Crepe Paper Cracker:For the inner layer, make lengthwise accordion folds in 10-by-4-inch lightweight pink crepe paper; cut fringe on ends. For outer layer: Fold 12-by-8 1/2-inch heavyweight red crepe paper in half lengthwise. Cut ends into petal shapes (download our template). Center pink paper on red; place 4 1/2-inch-long cardboard tube on top. Roll papers tightly around the tube, affixing with double-sided tape. Tie one end with a raffia bow. Use a paper funnel to fill tube with pistachios; tie the other end. Fluff petals and fringe.

Candy Boxes

Use any basic card stock to create these beautiful favor boxes.

Use any basic card stock for all of these small boxes.

Pyramid Box
1. Enlarge the template, trace it onto paper, and cut it out. Make slits as marked with a utility knife. Using a bone folder, score the paper on the dotted lines.

2. Fold up all four flaps, forming a pyramid. Cut two pieces of ribbon, each one long enough to wrap around the box. Starting on what will be the inside of the box, slip one ribbon through a slit, wrap around outside, and slip through opposite side. Pull ribbon so two sides come together; tie. Thread second ribbon through remaining two sides, wrapping around outside; pull ends together, and tie. Tuck excess ribbon into box.

Pyramid Box PDF

"Kiss" Box
1. Enlarge the template, and trace it onto paper. Working just outside the lines, cut out the shape with paper edgers of your choice. Punch holes through ends of flaps as marked. Using a bone folder, score paper on the dotted lines.

2. Fold up all flaps. Cut ribbon a little bit longer than the diameter of the bottom of box; thread it through all the holes. Cinch two ends of the ribbon until sides close the “kiss.” Tie a bow.

"Kiss" Box PDF

Long Box
1. Enlarge the template, and trace it onto paper. Cut out the left and right flaps with scissors. Using paper edgers of your choice, cut the top and bottom flaps just outside the lines. Punch holes in all four flaps as marked. Using a bone folder, score the bottom on the dotted lines.

2. Fold in the left and right flaps. Slide a short length of silk ribbon through the two holes, and tie the two sides closed. Fold top and bottom flaps in; tie with a second piece of silk ribbon. Finish with a bow and a little paper “button” or tag.

Long Box PDF

Candy Dividers

Given as a favor, chocolate is always a big hit, and letting your guests assemble their own boxes sweetens the deal. Create a buffet of offerings — we used milk, white, and dark chocolates — and label each with a printed tag. Small boxes, secured with elastic bands, are casually stacked alongside the treats. Use our template to create the box dividers that allow guests to separate their picks


Chocolate Sampler
Materials For Each Favor
Paper for liner and sticker
3-inch oval craft punch
Sticker machine
3 1/2-inch-square box
15-inch-long elastic cord

What To Do

For sticker, cut paper with the craft punch; run through a sticker machine, and affix to lid. Cut paper to make one bottom liner and two dividers, as shown; cut notches in center of dividers so they interlock. (Or use our template.) Place dividers in box. Add lid, and tie on cord.

Paper Bloom Wedding Favors

Create a boundless field of tulips with these sweet favors. We placed bulbs (you can buy them online in the fall) in votive candleholders with enough water to cover the roots, then added paper blooms and a vellum seat assignment to each one.

Download our templates, and print onto card stock; then cut out with scissors to create patterns.


For each tulip, lightly trace petals onto pink cover stock or heavy paper (you will need two different shapes for each flower: Petal A with a bottom slit, and Petal B with a top slit). Cut out with scissors, and cut the slits as marked. Interlock the two shapes, sliding the bottom slit from one into the top slit of the other. Cut an 18-inch length of 16-gauge green cloth-wrapped floral wire for a stem. Apply glue to one end of the wire, then secure to the bottom of the petals; let some glue seep between the two petals. Hold briefly for glue to set slightly, then let dry.


Trace a leaf onto green vellum, and cut out with sharp scissors (use long, smooth strokes). Write a guest name and table number on the leaf. Use double-sided tape to attach the leaf to the stem near the bottom, and fold the base of the leaf around the floral wire. Slip the stem into the leaves of the potted tulip bulb, and push just the tip of it into the bulb to anchor it.

photos © marthasteward


Favor Display Ideas

Nov 22 2011

Standing Cones

For paper cones filled with dragees, cut a 2-inch-thick Styrofoam sheet to fit a tray of your choice. Affix with floral clay. Insert two wooden skewers for each cone in the foam. To make the paper cone, cut a sheet of card stock into a 6 1/2-inch square and roll it into a funnel shape, leaving a small hole in the bottom. Adhere with craft glue, holding until the glue sets. Adorn each cone with an 8 1/2-inch paper ribbon held by a monogrammed sticker, and fill with dragees. Slide cones onto skewers. Cover the foam with various shades of sugared almonds, and place a banner on the tray instructing guests to take a favor.

Candy Land

 Given as a favor, chocolate is always a big hit, and letting your guests assemble their own boxes sweetens the deal. Create a buffet of offerings — we used milk, white, and dark chocolates — and label each with a printed tag. Small boxes, secured with elastic bands, are casually stacked alongside the treats.

A Bloom of One’s Own

Demure and delicate, African violets are pretty little packages and, with minimal effort, can make a dazzling display. Simply slip the potted plants into panettone molds, cluster on three-tiered plate stands or let stand solo, and tuck a handwritten note inside.


Take Your Pick

Unify your event by matching favors to the day’s color scheme. Mix up the offerings, and you’ll have even more opportunity to emphasize the motif. Here, soaps tied with dainty lace, candles bundled with eyelet ribbon, and doily-trimmed paper bags all reflect the black-and-white palette.

Tier Factor

Take your favors to the next level by staggering fabric-sealed bags filled with sweets on Styrofoam blocks of varying heights. The packages — stuffed with candy sticks, taffy, and grape jelly candies — are set upon a copper tray beneath a stately arch of kiwi vines and orchids.

Pretty Pinups

Invite guests to help themselves to these yummy favors pinned on linen covered cork board. Cellophane bags printed with the couple’s initial and wedding date are filled with delicious goodies and pinned to the board.

Candy Rock Favors

They may look like the real thing, but candy pebbles in small galvanized pails are a sweet and delightful favor for an outdoor wedding; a note lets guests know they’re for eating. The candy shown here is marzipan and chocolate-covered dried fruit in disguise. Print your message onto paper, cut into strips, wrap around the pails’ handles, and secure with double-sided tape. Set the pails in trays filled with turbinado sugar.


photos © marthasteward


DiY: Baby Booties Favor

Nov 17 2011

The Materials:

  1. Template ( click here to download)
  2. Scissors
  3. Paper
  4. Glue
  5. Buttons
  6. Bows (made out of paper or fabric bows)

Step by step instructions:

  1. Print out the free template and cut it

2.  Using the template trace  out the shape of the shoe and the sole into the scrap paper of your choice

3. And cut it

4. Mark the 3rd tab  and the sole of the shoe and start gluing there ( as shown in the picture) Put a dot of glue on each tab and glue the shoe, making sure that the part that is being glued is actually facing the inside

5. After finishing with the glue all you need is the embellishments. You could use bows or buttons.

photos © clemensdesign


DiY: Wedding Candy Packaging

Nov 16 2011

wedding candy packaging ideas

 DIY project for this week is 4 delicous ways to make regular candies stand out from the crowd. I think the bloom version is my favorite! Isn’t it amazing what a little color and detail will do to a regular piece of candy?


Start with a chocolate bar, and remove the paper label, leaving the inner foil layer in place.  Cut a piece of decorative paper to size and wrap around the bar so the seam is on the underside.  Use a piece of double face tape to secure.  Tie a ribbon around the middle and attach some trim.  I used a paper circle with a rubber stamped monogram, a spun cotton mushroom, a gold seal and a millinery leaf to trim this bar. You could also label the chocolate bars with the guests’ name, and use them as place cards.
Cut a rectangular piece of crepe paper, tissue paper, or decorative waxed paper.  It should be long enough to wrap around the chocolate 2 or 3 times and the width should be about 4 times the chocolate’s diameter.  Wrap your  chocolate in your paper.  Tie off  the ends with a coordinating ribbon.    To make them even fancier, add a layer of tulle over your paper.    If you’re using crepe paper or tissue paper, be sure to wrap your chocolate first with a foil candy wrapper so the oil from the chocolate doesn’t bleed through.
Cut out a card stock circle approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter (or use a craft punch).    Glue a candy cup (or a mini cupcake liner) in the center of the circle.   Place a foil wrapped chocolate in the center.  Make a small bow and glue it  (using a tiny dot of glue with a  LOW temp glue gun)  on the top of your foil-wrapped chocolate.  Create a monogram using a rubber stamp on a card stock circle and glue in the center of the bow.
How to Make Your Chocolates “Bloom”
What You’ll Need:
Crepe paper ( or tissue paper)
Ribbon (1/8 of an inch wide)
Wired millinery leaves
Foil wrapped chocolates
Low temp glue gun
1.  Begin by cutting a 6″ (approximately) square of crepe paper.
2.  Fold in half, then into quarters. (See figure 1)
3.  Fold in half again to make a triangle (see figure 2)  and then fold in half again.   (It’s just like your folding a snowflake).
4.  Cut a rounded “V” in the non pointy end of the triangle.  (see figure 3)
5.  Unfold your crepe paper.  It should be shaped like a daisy. ( see figure 4)
6.  Put a foil-wrapped chocolate in the center of the daisy.  (see figure 5).
7.  Pull the petals up around the chocolate, and tie a ribbon just above the top of the chocolate.
8.  Drop into the candy cup, and fluff your paper flower petals.   Add a wired leaf around the neck to complete.
9.  Arrange on a dish or place a bloom at each place setting.
photos © oncewed


DiY: Paper Vase Favor Bags

Nov 16 2011

diy paper wedding favor bags

Looking for a great way to say Thank You to your guests? Why not take the time to package up some goodies up in the bags above to pass out as affordable, wedding favors. Prefer to take the paper idea and create something on a smaller scale? Try the inexpensive, wedding place cards idea below.

diy paper wedding place cards



• pliers

• masking tape

• mini artificial flowers 

• paper favor bags  3.5″ x 2″ x 6.75″ – $2.99/16

• patterned paper of your choice
• white glue 

• solid color cardstock

• paper scissors

• white gel pen 

• mini clothespins 
budget wedding favor ideas
1. Using a pair of nice sharp pliers, cut the tops off of 4 or 5 miniature artificial flowers so that they are approximately 1.5″ long. 

2. Bundle flowers together and wrap with a small piece of tape.  I got this cute plum roll of masking tape but floral tape or any old masking tape will work well for this. 

  3. Tape flower bundle down to paper bag, centered and approximately 1″ from the bottom

4. Using template, trace shape for vase onto backside of the patterned decorative paper and cut out

cheap wedding favor ideas
5. Fold under edges approximately 1/8″ and run a bead of glue along both tabs. 


6.  Press firmly in place onto bag over flowers.  I found it easiest to hold and secure one side for a few seconds and to then press the other side down.

7.  Cut a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ solid color cardstock into 1″ strips.  Fold strips in half and using scissors, snip a notch at the folded end to form two paper flags.  Write your message onto the flag, fill bag with contents, fold top of bag down 1/2″ onto itself 3 times and clip flag onto the front using a miniature clothespin.

photos © oncewed


Personalized Napkin Ideas

Nov 09 2011

Napkin Roll

Wallpaper Napkin RIngs

Eyelet Napkin Rings

Napkin In Bloom

Napkin Bow

RIbbon Belt Napkin RIng

Photo © Martha Stewart Weddings 


DiY: Cupcake Liners Decor Ideas

Nov 04 2011

Vlinspiratie garland

photos © LacyJ 

Never mind baking, cupcake liners are a cheap and versatile craft supply. Check out some of these creative ideas: 

One Charming Party cupcake wrapper garland

 photos © One Charming Party

String light covers

Real Simple cupcake liner string lightsCupcake liner string lights

photos © Real Simple | Rachael Ray


Intimate weddings bouquet Oh Hello Friend flower

photos © Intimate Weddings | Oh Hello Friend

Pom poms

Martha Stewart pom ballsEmmaline Bride pom ball

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Twig & Thistle cupcake liner tree

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Marry You Me wreath

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DIY cupcake liner artwork

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Jar covers

The Kitchn jar coversGift jar covers

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Gift toppers

Intimate Weddings gift topper

Sweet Paul gift topper

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Cupcake Liner Ribbon Cards for Valentine's Day by Urban Comfort

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DiY: Mini Pinatas

Nov 04 2011

Every kid wants to be the lucky one who breaks open the piñata at a party, right? Then how about giving every party guest that happy moment with their very own little-bitty miniature piñata to open! And just look at how adorable they are:

To make the piñatas, you only need a few supplies:

• Paper cones
• Small candy
• Hot glue gun and glue
• Scissors
• Ribbon
• Crepe paper or streamers

Assembly is quick and easy, too – the little piñatas come together in a snap. 

photos © one charming party


DiY: Paper Food Baskets (Printables)

Nov 02 2011

Card stock

Right click, copy, save, and print template on the back side of card stock.

Cut out template. It should look something like the picture above.

Flip over, fold in each flap and then unfold.

Fold corner in and glue. Do this for all four corners.

Line with wax paper. Add some good food and you’re set.

* To make mini versions, just scale down the template. Smaller versions might be cute to go with some felt french fries.
photos ©  zakar life


DiY: Teacup Cards (Printables)

Nov 02 2011

Here’s an easy card to make for just about any occasion. I’m planning on using it for Mother’s Day. It would also make a nice tea party invitation. On the back of the teabag is the message. Simple directions below.

White heavy card stock
Exacto knife

Right click, copy and save to a program such as Word. Print out teacup template. It’s designed to fit on standard letter size paper.

Cut out teacup and rectangle. Fold both in half so they line up as perfect as possible. Unfold.

Apply glue to teacup (refer to picture). Fold together. Let dry.

Cut out a piece of paper the same size as the tea bag. Tape the string to the paper. Cover up the string by taping the teabag to the paper. Tape string to the inside of the rectangle template and glue shut.

Write message on back. Hopefully your message will look nicer than the one above. Now just tuck the teabag/message into the teacup. Done.

photos ©  zakar life


DiY: Delightful Candy Favors

Nov 02 2011

A while back I fell in love with these cupcake liners and new I had to create something with them. After playing around with them for a while this is what I came up with, candy favors. I’m thinking they would make delightful wedding favors? Almost makes me wish I had a wedding to plan. Simple directions below, as usual.

*cupcake liners - you need a strong cupcake liner that can hold the weight of the candy. I purchased mine from Bake it Pretty.
*double stick tape

1. Tape two cupcake liners together using double stick tape. 

2. Tape a strip of paper to the top of a toothpick. 

3. Fill the cupcake liner with candy. Place the toothpick flag inside. If the toothpick flag doesn’t hold up well poke it through the bottom of the cupcake liner. Done

photos ©  zakar life


DiY: Paper Cup Gift Boxes

Nov 02 2011

Anyone else have a random assortment of paper cups in their cupboards? It seems every time we host a party there’s just a few left over cups. Which always begs the question, what to do with them? The answer, turn them into cute little gift boxes. These boxes are easy to make and only take minutes to do, promise. 

Paper Cups
Tape or Glue
Label or Sticker

First you will need a standard paper cup like this one. Any size will do.

Cut off the lip of the cup, refer to picture.

Cut one inch strips all around the cup. The strips should be a little longer than half the diameter of the top of the cup. Make sure all the cuts are the same length.

Fill cup with cookies, candy, etc. Fold the strips down, one at a time.

Once all the strips are down, tape them down to seal the box.

Tape or glue a label to the top to hide the tape. Done

photos ©  zakar life