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Yours Truly, Charity C.


Slumber Party Tables

Nov 22 2011

I can’t imagine a more enchanting evening for a group of little girls than to start off a slumber party in this fashion! Simply turning the dining room table toward the wall and propped pillows against the mirror to create the “headboard”.

Or you can use standard banquet-style tables and made them to look like beds. You can use patterned sheets, duvets, or tableclothes in any style or color scheme to act as the “bedspread”, then top everything off with a pillows, stuffed animals, story books and your place settings!

photos © kinsereventcompany


Pink & Black Pajama Glam

Oct 21 2011

This is one modern and glamorous pajama birthday party in style.  There are touches of glitter, feathers and jewels everywhere to make this girls night sparkle. The party started off with breakfast for dinner, a jewel hunt and a pedicure and ended with the little guests singing and dancing the night away in their fashionable pj best.  

If you love this theme as much as I, do re-create it for your own little glamour girl!

photos © nicole hill gerulat